Lawrence Lin Murata

I’m interested in developing technologies and ideas that can improve people’s lives

Who I Am

Stanford ’17, Founder of, Software Engineer, Computer Science major with focus on Artificial Intelligence and minor in Electrical Engineering, Pacifist, Amateur Artist, Dreamer.


What I Do

I’ve been working on how to improve education and make it accessible to everyone. I also want to change how people discover and listen to music. Random things I like: basketball, trips, languages, hot chocolate, Steve Jobs and The Beatles.



Featured by major news sources, including Yahoo News, US Embassy’s Official Page, Época Business, Exame Business Magazine, UOL News, IG Economy.


Some of my projects

Check them out.


You can reach me at You can connect with my social media profiles below. If you need my resume, please feel free to email me. Try the "Konami code" for fun easter egg - cetion.