Lawrence Lin Murata

I’m interested in developing technologies and ideas that can improve people’s lives

Who I Am

Stanford ’17 | Computer Science student with focus on Artificial Intelligence | President and Co-founder of CS+Social Good | Co-founder of | Advocate for peace and equality | Amateur artist | Dreamer | Previously software engineer at Trove (merged with Social Code) and Apple Inc. (AI)


What I Do

I love learning, so I am constantly trying new ideas and learning from them. Random "things" I like: basketball, trips/traveling, languages, social good, education, AI, stock-trading/investing, self-development, anything with sugar, modern art, Bob Dylan and The Beatles


Some of my projects

Check them out.


You can reach me at You can connect with my social media profiles below. If you need my resume, please feel free to email me. Try the "Konami code" for fun easter egg - ception.

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